Twin Oaks Stables

Boarding, Lessons, Training


Students new to riding begin in private lessons to ensure plenty of one-on-one instruction and may choose to transition to group lessons once they have a basic control of the horse. More experienced students may choose between private and group lessons. Groups are based on age and level of ability. We have a variety of lesson horses to meet all our students' needs, from beginner to advanced.

1/2 hr Private-$45 each, Package of 4 - $140

1 hr Private-$65, Package of 4 - $220

1 hr Group (2 - 4 students)- Rates same as 1/2 hr Private

(Packages are due at the beginning of the month and must be used within one month.)


We offer several boarding options to meet the unique needs of every horse and rider. If there is a service you require that is not in our listed offerings, just ask! We will do our best to accommodate you.

Stall Board- $600/month, includes grain 2x/day, O/A hay 3x/day, daily stall cleaning, daily turnout in large grass pastures*, deworming, blanketing, application of (owner provided) fly spray and turnout boots, feeding of (owner provided) supplements, full use of facilities.

*Individual turnout is also available.

Full Board- $700/month, includes all Stall Board amenities plus tacking and un-tacking for all rides (1hr minimum notice required), bathing as required, monthly clipping (muzzle, fetlocks, ears, bridle path), and monthly mane pulling or shortening.

Training Board- $900/month, includes all Stall Board Board amenities plus 4 training rides per week.

(Full Board and Training Board can be combined for an additional charge. Call for details.)


Whether you horse has just been started under saddle, has a bad habit that needs correcting, or needs help moving up to the next level, we are here to help you. We also offer reduced price "hack" rides for the experienced horse who just needs to be kept fit while their owner is busy or traveling.

Training Ride on the Flat (30-45 mins.) - $45 each, Package of 4 - $160

Training Ride Over Fences (45 mins-1hr.) - $60, Package of 4 - $200

Hack Ride (30 mins.) - $30 each, Package of 4 - $100

Lunging (20 mins.) - $20 each, Package of 4 - $60

Showing and Coaching

Coaching (Local) - $75

Coaching (Away) - $75 + percentage of hotel/traveling expenses.

Trailering(Local) - Canterbury Showplace-$40

Post Time Farm (H.I.T.S. Ocala)- $75

Trailering (Long Distance, over 40 miles)

-$25 Hook-up fee + $1.50 per mile.

Showing (Local) - $150/day, up to six classes, both flat and O/F

Showing (Away) - As above + percentage of hotel/traveling expenses.